Runescape Alchemy Macro For Logitech G Series

I decided I would release this Lua script for anyone who wants it, and has a Logitech G series keyboard with macro keys.

It makes use of random timing to fake human interaction, all you have to do is put the High Alchemy spell in the ‘=’ spot on your action bar, and hover your mouse over the item you want to use in your inventory. Hit the G17 key whilst memory bank 1 is selected to start alching, to stop either hold down the Left and Right Alt keys at the same time, or switch to memory bank 2 or 3 on your keyboard.

Words of Advice: One of the detection methods for macro banning on Runescape is to find players who are trying to alch an empty inventory. Make sure you stop the script when, or before you run out of items. Otherwise you’ll face the consequences.

G_Key = 17
Action_Bar_Key = "equal"

function OnEvent(event, arg)
	if (event=="G_PRESSED" and arg==G_Key) then
  			GetMKeyState() == 2 
			or GetMKeyState() == 3 
			or (IsModifierPressed("lalt") 
			and IsModifierPressed("ralt"))

function Alch()
	Sleep(RandomFloat(20, 80))
	Sleep(RandomFloat(100, 600))
	Sleep(RandomFloat(20, 80))
	Sleep(RandomFloat(2300, 3500))

function RandomFloat(lower, greater)
	return lower + math.random()  * (greater - lower);

Tested working on: Logitech G510

Please share this with your friends, and feel free to leave me a comment below. Especially leave a comment if you have it working on a currently untested keyboard!