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MyGamerProfile is a Xbox game tracking, community and news site. It provides a unique way for Xbox LIVE members to view their game and achievements on our customisable profile pages as well as show off their gaming statistics online through the use of our leaderboards and gamercard image system.

It is one of the first places to get Xbox One tracking and is the best place to view Xbox One achievements or get Xbox One gamercard images to put on your own website, blog or forum signature.

We at MyGamerProfile consider ourselves very friendly, we also have very friendly and helpful staff which keep the site up to date whilst interacting with our community. We are always open for suggestions and are able to take criticism!

At the time of writing this, we have over 2500+ registered users, nearly 100 million gamercard requests at around 5 per second, as well as around 5000 unique hits a month. We are becoming increasingly popular and believe we have created a successful website.

What I do on the site:

As a co-founder of MyGamerProfile, I take on multiple Administrative tasks, such as thinking up or designing new features, keeping in contact with the community through the forums or email and I also post news on the front page from time to time.

Systems Administration:

On a day-to-day basis I take care of the servers running MyGamerProfile as well as my other on-site roles.

I am responsible for the setup and maintenance of the Linux servers (Running CentOS), Webserver (NGiNX), Database (MySQL), and PHP-FPM.

I also ensure that the servers are secure and remain up even when upgrades are being done. With so many users relying on our site to serve their gamercards, we like to ensure our uptime is as good as possible.